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Friday, October 8, 2010



first of all.. i am not emotional okey.... that the point!!

let the story begin!!!!

Please la. please la.. please la..
uurrgghhhh,.. every single mankind in this world will think, mamat/minah ni mesti tgh fed-up dengan dunia.. hate with all the messy n rubbish things in her/his life.. this topic is very general.. but the problem here is...

Please la... don't give HOPE!!!!!!. please, please, please. 

memberi harapan is just like u want him/her be with u. n if u fullfill ur words then it will be no problem with that.. i i would like to say BRAVO!! to u. coz u had love him/her, sayang him/her, kasih him/her. 


the problem here is that, if u are a player!!!! FU** la son of BIT**.. kenapa mesti nk sakitkan hati org lain. i am behalf of someone who had hurt coz of u. MR./MRs. PlayerSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

giving someone else hopes, telling that he/she will do whatever utk laki/pompuan tu, adalah satu bnda yg sngt kejam... seriously.. this an example.. my fren story.... FACEBOOK!!!! hahahahaahah, but aku kesiankan dia...

me : what wrong??
F: hurm... sedey,,,
me: why??? tell me dear..
F: hurm... my heart breaks into pieces... he/she hate me perharps
me: y do u say so,.. apa dia dh buat??? korg clash ek??
F: kteorg x kapel pon lah,,,
me: ooppsss, sory, saya x taw...
F: dia manis sngt mulut,....
me: mksud u??
F: dia ckp dia syg saya, rindu saya, but act. he is devil!!! he leave me with no words. 
me: awk tawu mana,.. maybe dia bz...
F:bizi???? dia on FB, wrote on others wall. commenting on others wall. 
me : are u jeles??
F: nope!!! never ever3
me: then.....
F: i just want her/him to give just a little attention to me, tu je.. i text her/him, but dia x reply pon,. kat Fb leh plak kan,,,,
me : hurm... she/he is not the one u should give ur heart to... ramai lagi kot.. nak u kat luar sana,,, seyesly. forget her/him.

hohohoh, tragis kan bila dah termakan kata2 manis, jnji2 manis, hopes!!! kan.. dan mcm2 lagi.. so, if u love her/him.. and dia wat korg mcm ni.. please, please, please, learn mcm mana nk lupakan sesseorang, and u have to!!!! 

A Player always a suck!!! 

mood cikgu : marah sngt2. 

sory bahasa mcm sampah.

bye... SALAM..

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