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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum everyone...

Diet? why in all of sudden, this topic is been chosen? hahahaha, it's nothing actually. that phrase always play in my ears at the moment i see someone who at the same see my body. i think it is not happen to me only, but to all "Biggest Loser" out there. Biggest Loser mean big ok, dont make propa on that statement ok,. hohoho

when i was in form 4 until now, i starts to think about diet. well, at this age, a lots of things play in our mind. girls, job, future, and so on. and for me, i was just thinking about diet and shrinking my size. it's obvious that am quiet big there. hoho, it doesn't matter. 

people always judge big person as weak, lazy, and etc. that because they see this man is big. actually, they have to know how the person is, and be with them. back to topic. diet.

at the very first time i hear this word, DIET, in my head at that moment, DIET is NOT EATING ANYTHING. and after i got explanation from my Fb sister, she explain me all that i've got wrong. 

what is diet actually??

  • diet is eating with all the "things" that needs by the body
  • eat at the right time, breakfast as u suppose to take breakfast, so do lunch and dinner
  • make the time fixed for breakfast, lunch, and, dinner.
  • after the time has fixed, u lesser the quantity (rice actually)
  • then, after a bowl of rice, then make it into half.  and if possible make it more less. 
  • eat a lot of vegetables and fruits (green apples are recommended)
  • take ur dinner before 8pm.
hohoho, now i know and no more misunderstood about dieting, its great actually, we feel more good and try to be a healthy person. not the aim is to be well-look, but its for our health indeed. heheheh

alltogether, we stand and try to make a change.. hehehe.. try our best. c ya... dedaaa...

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